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  • What is it? It’s an in-store mailbox where you can sign up to have the next issues of your favorite comic series pulled and held each week!!

  • Subscribe to as many titles as you like. Add or remove titles at anytime.

  • Subscribers get to priority for new and upcoming Key Issues. 

  • Spot something in PREVIEWS you just HAVE to have? Let us know, we’ll do our best to fill all special orders, or we’ll tell you if we can’t.

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Come in the shop to pick up your new comics! New comics arrive every Wednesday! Just let a team member know your last name and they’ll grab your Pullbox! If you can't make it in to pick up your books, just let us know so we can help!

personal customer care

Our Comic Specialist will help you when subscribing to new issues or special ordering any series or books. While making sure your books are set aside weekly when they come in. Through the years, we’ve built a strong community and a big part of that is based on getting to know YOU, and helping you discover your next favorite thing.

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Be sure to include your full name, phone number, and list of books you want held monthly. Subject: Comic Pull List

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new releases

New comics are available every Wednesday, and will be on our shelves by 11am! We usually have the previous issue or two on the rack, so if you haven't made it in as often as you like you can still keep up with your favorite stories. Look below to see what's new this week.